Diamond Eagle Contracting Company

Company Overview

Diamond Eagle Contracting Company (D.E.C.C) specializes in the fields of construction, of oil and gas, of real estate, and of travel and tourism. Our services are comprehensive, covering required obligations from inception to execution and beyond.

We aim at securing amenities that meet and exceed your demands while maintaining state-of-the-art standards and adhering to internationally renowned laws and procedures. Our high-quality products and services adhere to all safety and precautionary measures and guarantee durability and sustainability.

At D.E.C.C, we are driven by a strong sense of integrity as well as ethical and professional standards. We build and promote a growth mindset as we are always willing to grow and support those around us to do the same.

Vision & Mission


D.E.C.C. seeks to become an international, contracting pioneer through securing an array of services conducive to advancing the fields of construction, of oil and gas, of real estate, and of travel and tourism.


Your vision is our mission. At D.E.C.C., we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and services to seamlessly execute your envisioned ideas into an ingenious reality in the fields of construction, of oil and gas, of real estate, and of travel and tourism. 


D.E.C.C. values transparency, accountability, and integrity in all interactions. The D.E.C.C team is driven by a strong sense of commitment and dedication to the field through ensuring the following:

Increased Revenues and Earnings

Top-Tier Products

Customer Satisfaction


Active Citizenship


Environmentally-Conscious Practices


Meet the Team

Eng. Ali Chreif

Chief Executive Officer (ceo)

Aya Chreif

Chief Operation Officer (coo)

Machhour Chreif

Senior Mechanical Superintendent

Rana Chreif


Rezzag Lakhdar

Executive Assistant


Marketing & Sales Manager

Layla Itani

Content reviewer

Hussain Wehby

Web Developer

Message from the Director

Dear Visitor,


Diamond Eagle Contracting Company was conceived with advancement and innovation as its prime pillars. We aim to contribute to development projects in Lebanon, in the Arab Gulf, and in Africa. Through providing top-tier ethical and professional standards, despite the unprecedented circumstances, we hope to gain the confidence of those we work with.


I cannot but thank the contributors to D.E.C.C. from current to future governmental officials, from partners and shareholders to private project owners, subcontractors, and suppliers, and from family to friends. D.E.C.C. is here to serve you.