Diamond Eagle Contracting Company

Construction Services

At D.E.C.C., construction is our forte! We have extensive years of experience in the field and are ready to support you in your construction project at any stage of its development. 

Our on-call consultants and team members conduct feasibility studies, plan, design, and manage projects, install and maintain mechanical and electrical equipment, and procure resources, among other necessary operations. Follow-up on day-to-day operations is sustained, documented, and communicated with all stakeholders.

Engineering and Technical Services

Civil Construction and Building

Our department is professionally equipped and fully capable of executing construction projects, including buildings, roads and highways, bridges and structures, pavements, and excavation and mining. Our team provides mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and carpenting support, among other necessary services.

Electrical and Instrumentation

Our engineers interpret designs, install and maintain process control and electrical equipment, execute industrial and domestic cabling and tubing projects, situate high tension power routes, construct power huts and hook-ups, install earthing and lightning protection systems, and inspect, test, and commission electrical and instrumentation installations and projects. 

IT and Telecom

We install and maintain structured office cabling, data-communication rooms and underground cabling, TV satellites and communication systems, and masts and towers for data/telecommunication transition systems.

Fire and Safety

 Driven by renowned international safety standards, we conduct feasibility studies on designed structures and provide HSE training and commissioning with certification. We also procure, maintain, and inspect, fire safety products and install electro-safety systems, such as automatic fire and smoke detectors, fire alarms, and automatic sprinklers for tank farms.

Procurement & General Supply

Diamond Eagle Contracting Company understands the need for high-quality products and materials. We offer comprehensive procurement services such as warehousing and distribution to companies operating in Lebanon, Arab countries, and Africa. We can tailor-make a procurement and supply general solution that is right for our client’s needs. At Diamond Eagle Contracting Company, we pride ourselves on reaching international standards in all our areas of operations. We have worked to develop and establish networks with major manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the quality and authenticity of all products and materials we supply. We can offer procurement or purchasing, inward transport, receiving, warehousing or stores, stock control, material handling, packaging, and physical distribution. We can also offer the supply services of different kinds of materials and equipment. Diamond Eagle Contracting Company personnel give guidance and procedures to offer our clients the flexibility to change the materials on a need basis.

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith and growing through creativity, invention, and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of work.

Types of raw materials and equipment provided:

– Steel Products, Various Steel Valves, Steel Welded Pipes, Rolled Steel, Steel Plating Coils, etc. 

– HDPE & Irrigation Wobblers & Plassons, HDPE Piping Liners, etc. 

– Mineral Processing Equipment, Solar & Renewable Energy Products, Health and Safety Equipment (PPE), Prefabricated and Flatpack Housing, etc.

– Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Project Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Product Development, etc.

Mechanical Procurement

We are highly motivated and are greatly experienced in selling and providing technical service assistance for the equipment we provide. We have years of experience in heating, equipment sales, mechanical services, and sales management in the mechanical equipment industry. We secure engineering specifications and product sales with international standards testimony.

Electrical Procurement

Electricity is the most-needed and elementary life basis, as a result, we provide electronic components at the very best quality in a short critical time. Therefore, you can trust us to help you with any electrical application from beginning to end.

Chemical Procurement

We recognize the challenges and opportunities our partners are facing in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex oil and gas markets. Our commitment to the oil and gas business, as a market leader, provides key advantages to our partners in terms of our service commitment and expertise.

General Supply

We provide equipment and material procurement and supply services to the oil and gas industry through Arab countries and Africa. Procurement in the oil and gas industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace.

Camp Supply

Diamond Eagle Contracting Company has a large and big experience with the construction of the camp facilities. We provide civil work, mechanical work, underground and above ground piping and concrete, fixed room accommodations, concrete foundation, water treatment system, sewage water system, RO water system, powerhouse DG, kitchen equipment, miss hall area, air conditioning, HVAC, training center, meeting rooms, and site offices.

Logistic & Transportation

Diamond Eagle Contracting Company is strategically located in the central part of Lebanon, in Beirut city, where we can assist in not only providing our clients with the necessary transportation but also logistical support. We can also provide a key local liaison in Lebanon to serve as an integral part of logistical support for transportation services. We can offer the transportation of goods and materials from company bases or stores to the client. At Diamond Eagle Contracting Company, we deliver client materials in a timely and secure manner.

Heavy Lift Equipment

We can arrange the most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment, from ten-tons all-terrain cranes to our in-house developed PTCs, in the 5000-ton lifting class. Our range of PTCs combines vast lifting capacity with a long reach, relatively small footprint, flexible configuration, and quick mobilization.

Logistic Support

Beyond container shipping and transport solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of logistics services to secure your supply chain. Acting as the logistics arm of the Group, our logistics subsidiaries handle all your logistics challenges by providing Group customers with end-to-end solutions in synergies with liner business. Whatever your challenge is, we offer you the best-in-class solution.

Mobilization & Demobilization

In an extensive mobilization process, we source and acquire the full inventory of machinery and equipment necessary to execute the project. In addition to large hydraulic tracked excavators, wheel loaders, and backhoes, we also use four cranes (two 225 tons). A 250-foot scow barge and 160-foot spud barges are used to handle the demands for pile-driving spreaders which are served by project tugs and skiffs.

Equipment Rental

We know that you rely on our services to get your job done. That’s why we invest heavily in keeping our support with rental to provide the correct equipment and machinery. We employ highly trained and certified technicians at all of our locations to service and maintain all of our rental equipment to the highest standards, either in our own workshops or on the job site. We also regularly add new equipment to add more value, giving you access to the latest industry developments.

Additional Services

Interior Designing Services

Our interior design team is fully committed to customizing your space the way you have always envisioned it to be.
Choose from a variety of vibrant wall paint colors, exquisite tiles, and modern furniture, among other home essentials.
Add your own touch and transform your house into a home!

Project Management

Effective management is key to any project’s success. Allow us to manage your projects, providing you with essential managerial services, comprising full oversight of project’s scope from mobilization to commissioning, thorough procurement practices, quality control on all project factors, assessment of risks, leading the working team, and coordination and communication among stakeholders.

Environment Resource Management

We hold ourselves accountable in contributing to a greener Earth. To that end, we provide services that ensure just that. Our team manages industrial/domestic waste, controls pollution and monitors compliance, assesses environmental impact, assesses and manages ecological sensitivity, rehabilitates negatively impacted sites, provides environmental information for sustainable development.

Procurement and Supplies

Look no further for any needed equipment for construction purposes. Our supplies are imported for the world’s most reputable companies. We can procure any item you desire and have it undergo a full inspection to attain a national third-party certificate.

Man Power

Whether you are looking to recruit engineers, technicians, welders, audits, trainers, or any set of helping hands, we have the right experts for you


We provide any type of help to our clients including huge plant and equipment resources that can be mobilized to any location in Lebanon and GCC countries.