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Diamond Eagle Travel Agency

Diamond Eagle Travel and Tourism Agency, located in Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon, provides personal and business travel services. Our clients benefit from comprehensive travel packages, catering to your travel demands and needs. Our team of experts meticulously handles travel arrangements, down to their minutest detail, and offers you access to locations around the world. 

We are driven by the conviction that traveling is one of the best forms of education. Opening your eyes, mind, and heart to new experiences is an unparalleled feeling. With these beliefs depicting our culture and mission, the Diamond Eagle team wishes you safe travels and pleasant stays.

Traveling Services

Our services encompass all aspects of travel essentials, including standard and custom tours and packages, corporate travel solutions, wholesale and retail of airline tickets, hotels, visa issuance, car rental, travel insurance, and an array of travel products to better fit your needs. We attend to individuals, groups, and corporations. 


Our exquisite customer service coupled with cutting-edge technology allows us to spearhead the travel business field, providing you with the attention and care you deserve. 

We remain dedicated to meeting and to exceeding your expectations at any instance of your travel journey and warmly welcome the opportunity of having you as part of our growing clientele family.

Ticketing and Flight Booking

Ticketing and Flight Booking

We provide competitive and cost-effective offers, including ticketing prices, hotel books, car rentals, and so much more!

Holiday Packages

Holiday Packages

Our packages are particularly created to provide you with luxurious traveling experiences around the world!

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Allow us to ensure your safety and protection everywhere you go!

Visa Document Support

We take the hassle out of your travel arrangements! At Diamond Eagle, our team of experts take care of your visa application process. We provide door-to-door service, starting with the application submission, document checks, passport collection and return, and travel document delivery. Rest assured; you are in safe hands.


We ensure that your immigration application process runs as smoothly as possible, allowing you to regain trust and confidence in achieving your goals!

If you are simply looking to apply for a visitor visa or you are seeking an investor program, our team of experts is here for you!

Our Immigration Services comprise Canadian Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence Visa, and Business Immigration.

Business Immigration

Business Immigration is addressed to current and potential entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur in Canada and looking to hire a foreign national, you would need to undergo a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).If you are transferring an employee from one company to another, you would need to apply to the Intra-Company Transferee Program. As a new entrepreneur, determined to start your business or pitch your business idea to a company in Canada, the Start-up Visa is for you.

Canadian Permanent Residence

A Permanent Residence in Canada is provided should you wish to sponsor your spouse, parent/grandparent, and/or another relative. It can also be provided should you wish to apply for an express entry, as an asylum seeker, or to either the Provincial Nomination Program, the Self-Employed Program, or the Caregiver Pilot Program.

Temporary Residence Visa

This visa is granted should you wish to continue your academic or professional endeavors in Canada or if you would like to visit the country. Under this section, you can also apply to the Super Visa, described as a visitor visa and valid up to 10 years.