Diamond Eagle Contracting Company

Sustainability Development

At D.E.C.C., we are environmentally-mindful. Our mission incorporates integrating sustainable practices into our operations through achieving the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

Our Contribution to Climate Action

To mitigate the impact of climate change, D.E.C.C. adheres to the Paris Agreement framework. We strive to reduce our carbon footprints and emissions, to conserve energy, and to support green practices.

Our Contribution to Decent Work and Economic Growth

We commit to establishing a community that operates on the basis of cooperation and collaboration to serve the greater good. We support national supply chains and employ local individuals, stimulating our economy. Our sustainability programs support improved worker welfare, protect labor rights, and promote safe and secure working environments.

Our Contribution to Affordable and Clean Energy

Recognizing the importance of energy for sustainable development, SDG 3 focuses on access, efficiency, renewables, and means of implementation. We are developing an energy transition strategy that supports clients lower carbon ambitions and pollutants. We are targeting more opportunities in renewable energy infrastructure and aiming at improving energy efficiency.


We are adamant on protecting our growing family of employees and clients as well as the communities we work in. We also secure safety, providing danger-free working environments, through the assets we design, build, operate, and maintain.  

We maintain our performance through the implementation of our well-established HSSEIA (Health, safety, security, environment, and integrity assurance) measures.

Life-Saving Rules

All Diamond Eagle Contracting Company members must adhere to the following nine Life-Saving Rules:

These Life-Saving Rules have been derived as a result of a conducted study on fatal and serious accidents in our industry. The purpose of the study was to identify the common activities that might lead to fatality and the life-saving courses of action that an individual can control. If properly implemented, the nine Life-Saving Rules promote our safety and those around us.


As the environments we work in are providing and pose security concerns, we aim at protecting our employees, partners, and assets in a responsible, sensible manner. 

We pride ourselves in adhering to the HSSE standards and being part of the HSSE community. Our Security Policy sets forth the duties and responsibilities of our leadership team and business units.