Diamond Eagle Contracting Company

D.E.C.C. Energy

We are adamantly devoted to this field of promised growth. Our team skillfully attends to any construction, maintenance, and operational requirements pertaining to the field incorporating mechanical, electrical, and civil duties.  

At Diamond Eagle Energy, we construct Oil and Gas sites and offer geological and geophysical services, field and refinery services, as well as commissioning and procurement. We have partnered up with distinguished companies in the field for drilling, production, EPCI Projects, and petrochemical services.

Our products and services follow internationally adopted procedures, ensuring safety and environmentally-mindful practices.

Our Services


Renewable energy, water treatment, civil and infrastructure, and mining


Services & Solution ( Photo Rig and Photo Beam Pump And petrol well ): Drilling Services, Workover services, Well testing, pumping Services,Mud Logging, Drilling Fluids, Wireline Services, and Completion services.

Geological  and Geological services consulting:

Diamond eagle contracting company provides tailor-made consulting services across the full geological spectrum: We employ high caliber Senior Geological and use our on-going international affiliations to help support our team providing unique geological solutions anywhere in the world. Client requests are handled fast and with the up-most of confidentiality.


Marine logistics and support, offshore installation and ROV, man power, hook-up, commissioning, field fabrication and modification, and maintenance.


QA/QC, HSE, process, pipeline, pipping, civil, electrical, structural, instrumentation, mechanical, HVAC, material/control, and welding.

Project Services

Project control, contract engineering and administration, cost control, planning/scheduling, document control, procurement, and logistics.

D.E.C.C. Energy Key Masters

International Presence​

Diamond Eagle Energy currently operates in its Beirut Lebanon Main office and is looking to expand its reach to international companies around the world.

Local Support

Diamond Eagle Energy provides premium support through its mobility experts. Our team is available to assist 24/7 and ensures complete compliance with local requirements. A personal mobility expert is dedicated to the consultant and accompanies him/her throughout the project.

Legal, Tax, and Social Compliance

At Diamond Eagle Energy, we take care of compliance with local regulations, payment of tax, and social security contributions in the host country. Our mobility experts regularly monitor the accuracy of social, tax and legal rules and procedures in every country that Diamond Eagle Energy is likely to operate in.

Health, Security, and Safety

Diamond Eagle Energy puts security and safety first. We schedule specific offshore and onshore training programs and ensure medical examinations and vaccinations to our team members and stakeholders. We have signed partnership agreements with esteemed medical and security providers with insurance plans that cover healthcare, hospitalization, disabilities, death, repatriation, luggage insurance, among others.


To ensure timely and seamless mobilizations, at Diamond Eagle Energy, we comply with the host country requirements. Our mobility experts have established relationships of trust with local business partners and foreign embassies to guarantee the appropriate documentation prior to embarking on any project.

Technical Services


  • Transfer and installation of mobile and auxiliary turbines.
  • BOP work on power plants.
  • Piping work (Prefabrication and assembly).
  • Coating sandblasting, painting and insulation work.
  • Steel structures assembly.
  • Pressure vessels
  • Lube & seal oil systems
  • Pipe work
  • Fin-fan coolers Valves
  • Machinery/ Static and Rotating equipment.
  • Pumps
  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Compressors
  • Gas skid
  • Dry runs of individual items of equipment
  • Hot testing of:
  • Individual items of equipment & systems
  • Individual systems /Process in isolation
  • Several stage of dynamic testing of individual items of equipment
  • Introducing of process fluid
  • Start-up & initial operation
  • Ramping up
  • Trouble shooting & problem correction
  • Utilities pre-commissioning
  • Dry running trials
  • Hot running trials
  • Safe-fluid dynamic testing
  • Solvent dynamic testing
  • Process fluid testing
  • Cleaning & flushing
  • Machinery/ Rotating equipment alignment & run-ins
  • Purge & tightness testing
  • Inspection & NDT testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Hydro & pneumatic testing
  • Machinery/ Static & Rotating equipment check-out
  • Equipment major inspection.
  • Erosion and corrosion diagnosis.


  • Installation of transformers, MV/LV switchboards.
  • Installation of electrical substation.
  • Installation of UPS system.
  • Electrical Grounding Network.
  • Installation of cable trays, pulling and connection of different types of cables.
  • Fire fighting and fire detection equipment.
  • synchronous/asynchronous motors.
  • Current and voltage transformers.
  • Disconnectors and circuit breakers.
  • AC/DC dielectric strength tests (cables & busbars).
  • MV/LV panel.
  • Commissioning of transformers, MV/LV panel.
  • Commissioning of control gear.
  • Setting and configuration.
  • Protection Tests.
  • Gas turbine auxiliaries and ALT.
  • Common auxiliaries (BOP).
  • Generating sets/ HVAC systems.
  • UPS/Battery reciter chargers.
  • Step up and down transformers
  • MV/LV and LV/LV transformer.
  • DC and UPS system.
  • Protection Panel.
  • 400KV GIS/MV cable.
  • BSDG Site Test.
  • Earthing System.
  • Maintenance & inspection of transformer, SIG, UPS & Batteries, Turbines, Generators, Instrumentation…


  • Installation of the various Instruments, junction boxes, Control Cabinets.
  • Installation of cable trays.
  • Pulling and connection of different types of cables.
  • Installation of fire & Gas detection/extinguishing systems.
  • Installation of the different Instruments, Junction Boxes, Control Cabinets
  • Assembly of the cable trays
  • Pulling and connection of different types of cable
  • Installation of fire & gas detection/extinguishing systems
  • Static and dynamic loop testing of instruments for PLC, and DCS Control Panels.
  • Functional tests of PLC, DCS systems.
  • Matrix Tests Cause and Effect of Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Parameter setting and Configuration of Motorized Valves.
  • Instrument Test procedure
  • Cable Insulation test
  • Static and Dynamic Loop
  • Check Pre-start up Inspection
  • Process Regulation Loop test
  • Process Functional test
  • Instrument Calibration and Check for measurement system (Pression, Temperature, Level, and Flow)
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic valve test.
  • Motor Valve conguration.
  • Rotating machine control system VFC, VFD, Softstarter. etc..
  • First test for control system such as Turbine control system, PLC, DCS, and SCADA
  • Dierent eld communication test Pronet, Probus, ModBUS etc .
  • Vibration analysis for rotating Machine.
  • Site survey and audit of fire & gas systems, PLC and DCS
  • Design of instrument data sheets
  • Diagnosis and determination of failures of F&G, DCS, PLC systems

Geology Engineering & Geophysics

Diamond Eagle Contracting Company has wide experience in stratigraphic and complex structural fields, including many with unconventional reservoirs, such as fractured basement and tight gas. Geological and geophysical maps are fully integrated with production and engineering data to ensure reliable estimates of reserves potential. Diamond Eagle has broad experience in field characterization and building complex geological models and devising detailed uncertainty analysis to build multiple subsurface realizations. Our experience covers a wide range of sedimentary depositional environments, including continental, fluvial, deltaic, marine, and deepwater. Well log correlation with integrated petrophysical evaluation, production performance, and seismic data is integral to all our reservoir studies.